Extending the Life of Your Car With Quality Service

So you just purchased a 2018 Honda Fit, and you're overjoyed to be a new car owner. Do you imagine yourself traveling highways in your new car 10 years from now? If so, it's imperative for you to have quality care of your car. Many car owners scoff at the idea of going to a car dealership for service; however, quality service from a dealership has the ability to extend the life of your car. Preventative maintenance has the power to keep those costly repairs at bay.

The Benefits of Car Dealership Service

When you travel to your neighborhood garage, you might be getting quality service, but your mechanic also might not be familiar with all of your vehicle's intricacies. At TV Honda, our technicians are specialists that know every aspect of your car. A local mechanic works on a variety of different vehicles and might not be familiar with some of your car's features. Why let an issue with your car remain unresolved? Our dealership guarantees an in-depth review of your car at every service appointment. Also, when you drop off your car for service, we automatically check to see if there're any recalls for your vehicle. If there is one, we'll have it corrected in a timely fashion.

Taking Care of Warranty Issues 

Obviously, a garage is not going to honor your car's warranty. If a part fails, and it is covered by your warranty, we'll make the repairs at no cost to you. If your warranty has lapsed, you'll have to pay for your car's repairs, but the work we perform is guaranteed.

A Nice Place to Visit 

We make your experience at our dealership a pleasant one. Our comfortable waiting room and clean facility allows you to relax while you wait for your service. Our staff members are considerate and are available to answer any questions you have about your car.

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