Honda Antifreeze/Coolant Replacement Service

What is the purpose of antifreeze/coolant?

Antifreeze/coolant is designed tokeep your engine running at normal operating temperatures and toprevent freezing during the cold winter months.

Why is a antifreeze/coolant replacement important?

Over time and kilometers driven, your antifreeze/coolant loses its chemical properties and becomes contaminated with rust and scale deposits which reduces its effectiveness - resulting in engine overheat-ing, the #1 cause of engine breakdown!

How is this corrected?

Honda Canada recommends a antifreeze/coolant replacement at 7 years of vehicle ownership. Your Honda-trained technician will remove the old antifreeze/coolant and replace it with Genuine Honda antifreeze/coolant and then perform a complete inspection including all hoses and connections.

Is it time to schedule your antifreeze/coolant replacement?

If your Honda has been on the road for over 7 years, it’s time for an Antifreeze/Coolant Replacement Service. Having this service performed will ensure long engine life and safe, peace-of-mind driving for years to come.

Coolant Trent Valley Honda

Coolant is more than just a word we often hear about when we are at our local Honda Service centre. It is in fact a mixture of water and antifreeze that contains special additives to help regulate the heat in our engine by preventing the water in the radiator from boiling or freezing. Since the majority of heat in the engine is generated by the burning of gasoline, the coolant is greatly relied upon to ensure the car is functioning properly. As the coolant travels through the engine by way of the water pump, it absorbs any excess heat while cooling the water and protecting various parts of the engine with its anti-corrosive properties.

What can go wrong?

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Water simply isn’t enough to regulate the system as it will eventually boil or freeze with extreme temperature fluctuations. Without coolant, the engine would overheat extremely fast and the internal combustion would destroy it, making the system useless. Regular maintenance of your engine includes necessary flushes of your coolant system in order to ensure its functionally properly and keeping your vehicle’s engine in tip top shape.

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