Honda Canada Inc. Celebrates Record Core Model Sales in 2018

  • Honda Civic becomes Canada’s best-selling passenger car for 21st consecutive year
  • Honda CR-V celebrates all-time record sales with 54,879 units sold in 2018
  • Acura RDX celebrates an all-time sales record with 8,890 units sold in 2018
  • Civic, Accord and CR-V claim #1 retail sales in their segments
  • Acura Division annual sales top 20,000 units for the fourth consecutive year

MARKHAM, ONJan. 3, 2019 /CNW/ – Honda Canada Inc. (HCI) today reported annual sales of 195,379 units by the Honda and Acura divisions combined.  The Honda Division reported consistent sales year-over-year of 175,042 units sold, overcoming unfortunate production Fit and HR-V shortages due to flooding at a Celaya, Mexico manufacturing facility. The Acura Division topped last year’s sales with 20,337 units sold, surpassing the 20,000-unit sold threshold for the fourth consecutive year.

“The strength of our core business helped us persevere through a number of significant challenges to achieve our goals in 2018,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Honda Canada Inc. “We achieved impressive sales results and were otherwise on track for a record-setting year, despite low inventory caused by the flooding in our Celaya, Mexico plant.”

“The Honda Civic remained Canada’s favourite passenger car for the twenty-first consecutive year, while our truck lineup also excelled, led by the record-breaking CR-V,” Leclerc added.

“Our overall lineup already had one of the lowest emissions in the country and in 2018 we continued to build on our long history of environmental leadership by introducing both the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and the Insight Hybrid to our fleet,” added Leclerc.

“The next chapter of Acura’s storied history was written in 2018 as we applied our Precision Crafted Performance principles across our entire lineup and topped 20,000 units sold for the fourth consecutive year,” said Emile KorkorBrand Leader for Acura Canada. “The refreshed lineup, led by our fully redesigned, record-setting Acura RDX, injected enthusiasm for the brand that overwhelmingly resonated with Canadians.”

Popular Features: 2018 Honda Civic LX

The 2018 Honda Civic LX is a fun and affordable car to drive, and a very popular used vehicle among Canadian drivers. It’s loaded with tons of great features that owners love, from its roomy interior to its outstanding gas mileage. Here are just a few of the most popular perks to becoming the owner of a used 2018 Honda Civic today.

Safety First


The ‘18 Civic’s optional features are abundant, especially when it comes to safety. Technology comes into play in a big way with Honda’s advanced cameras and sensors, which aid in eliminating blind spots and assisting with collision avoidance. The vehicle’s capabilities allow it to mitigate inadvertent lane departure, warn drivers of impending frontend collisions and even activate the braking system when an imminent impact is detected.


Aesthetic Quality


The 2018 version of the Civic LX certainly takes on a more aggressive appearance compared to previous iterations, with a sleek body and attractive details, including unique taillight shaping. In terms of the interior, a touchscreen control panel transforms the dashboard into a futuristic command center. From this central position, one can manage features including audio controls and navigation system, adding to the overall driving experience.


Other Features


The LX model includes a host of available features to round things out, from available automatic transmission to an integral rearview camera for safer reverse driving. Upgraded models can also feature a wide variety of handy inclusions, such as remote starting capability, fold-away backseat, moonroof and Bluetooth connection potential for supported devices.


If you’ve never driven a Honda Civic, now is the time to test one out for yourself. Find out why it’s one of the most common cars on the road and start enjoying the benefits for yourself. Don’t forget to visit TV Honda, where you’re sure to find great selection and pricing on the used vehicle you’re searching for today.

2018 Honda Accord Coupe: The Best of Both Worlds

Buying a new car can be stressful as you try to find an option that meets all of your expectations, especially if your needs contradict your wants. You might need space for your family, but want an engine that’s still fun to drive. You shouldn’t have to compromise, which is why a midsize car can be a great option. The 2018 Honda Accord Coupe in particular has a lot to offer, from spectacular gas mileage and performance to comfortable interior.

The Honda Accord has a history of good responses from critics and has plenty of characteristics that make it such a well-rounded car. The quiet interior is constructed of many quality materials that give the car a stylish look and feel. The plush seats are adjustable and come in either cloth or leather. There’s also the option to add heated seats in the front and back. The standard system includes push-button start and Bluetooth connectivity as well as an audio system and display screen. Depending upon your unique needs and wants, additional features like navigation, a touch screen and wireless charging are available along with many other options.


Safety features abound in the 2018 Honda Accord Coupe with the Honda Sensing System. A combination of cameras and sensors can help keep you safe on the road day or night. There’s even driver drowsiness monitoring to help make sure drivers don’t fall asleep at the wheel. The sensors can also help you park, switch lanes, and be aware of your blind spots.


If you’re concerned about engine capability, you can rest assured that both engine options accelerate quickly and handle turns well for a smooth and fun ride. If you need a well-rounded car, the Honda Accord can deliver. With everything from fun tech features to plenty of room and high quality materials, the Accord accomplishes a lot for a great price. Take a test drive at TV Honda to see firsthand how the Honda Accord Coupe can improve your daily driving experience.

Extending the Life of Your Car With Quality Service

So you just purchased a 2018 Honda Fit, and you’re overjoyed to be a new car owner. Do you imagine yourself traveling highways in your new car 10 years from now? If so, it’s imperative for you to have quality care of your car. Many car owners scoff at the idea of going to a car dealership for service; however, quality service from a dealership has the ability to extend the life of your car. Preventative maintenance has the power to keep those costly repairs at bay.

The Benefits of Car Dealership Service


When you travel to your neighborhood garage, you might be getting quality service, but your mechanic also might not be familiar with all of your vehicle’s intricacies. At TV Honda, our technicians are specialists that know every aspect of your car. A local mechanic works on a variety of different vehicles and might not be familiar with some of your car’s features. Why let an issue with your car remain unresolved? Our dealership guarantees an in-depth review of your car at every service appointment. Also, when you drop off your car for service, we automatically check to see if there’re any recalls for your vehicle. If there is one, we’ll have it corrected in a timely fashion.


Taking Care of Warranty Issues


Obviously, a garage is not going to honor your car’s warranty. If a part fails, and it is covered by your warranty, we’ll make the repairs at no cost to you. If your warranty has lapsed, you’ll have to pay for your car’s repairs, but the work we perform is guaranteed.


A Nice Place to Visit


We make your experience at our dealership a pleasant one. Our comfortable waiting room and clean facility allows you to relax while you wait for your service. Our staff members are considerate and are available to answer any questions you have about your car.

Looking for a Midsize SUV?

When you are looking for a midsize SUV, you have several options including the 2018 Honda Pilot. Choosing between them can be a lot easier when you come down to the dealership and let us help you compare the various types and features you can get with each make and model. You will first want to determine what a Midsize SUV is, whether it offers what you need and where you can get one. You can even go online to see some of our selection and financing options.


What Is a Midsize SUV?


A midsize SUV is smaller than a standard one while still offering the ground clearance, seating options and tire size of an SUV. These vehicles are routinely used as family cars, especially if you need the option for four-wheel drive in your activities and daily routine. SUVs of all sizes can help keep you from being snowed in versus a sedan because of the increased traction of four-wheel drive, the weight of a bigger vehicle and the ground clearance.


Where Can You Get One?


The best place to get a midsize SUV is TV Honda, when you come down to the lot we can go over your list of needs and determine which make and model are the best fit. You can browse some of our selection online and read vehicle reviews before coming to the lot and seeing the vehicles in person. Once here, you can interact with all of the buttons and knobs, take a test drive and try out the comfortable interior of your new vehicle. You can even go over finance options with our loan officers to find the best terms for your situation.


The 2018 Honda Pilot is a midsize SUV which can meet your needs for cargo, passengers and ground clearance. Once you know what you need from your vehicle, you can come down to the lot and let us help you find the right one to meet those needs.

The 2018 Honda Accord Is Bold, Beautiful and Better Than Ever

Just when you thought the Accord couldn’t get any better, Honda’s 2018 model is commanding the market of midsized sedans. Standing alone in its class, this elite model is sophisticated, sexy and safe. Though untouchable by the competition, the Accord is within reach for you. Our team at TV Honda can help you get your hands on one, and no kid gloves are required.  


Exterior Appeal 


Redesigned for 2018, the ever-illustrious Accord is available in five can’t-go-wrong trims—Sport, LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. Sleek, athletic and bold, its exterior has a distinct European flair that gives it impeccable style. Turning heads as it sets all-new standards, the Accord boasts an aerodynamic, fastback-inspired design. LED lighting makes the car even more of a looker, capturing attention wherever it is on the road. 


Interior Ingenuity 


It just takes one glimpse inside the 2018 Accord to appreciate its interior refinement. Roomy and comfortable, this sedan’s seating is high quality across the board. The cabin is classy and smart, and there are multiple options for heated and cooled seating, leather upholstery and an intuitive head-up display. 


The Accord’s impressive infotainment system includes an enhanced audio system with streaming capability. Driver aids include navigation, smartphone integration and voice control. 


Superior Safety  


Given the Accord’s impressive safety history, it’s no surprise that the 2018 model’s report card is packed with five-star ratings. An impressive list of safety features come standard, with advanced technologies providing enhancements like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist and collision mitigation breaking. There’s also a blind-spot information system available with multistage audiovisual signals. 


If you want to know more about the 2018 Honda Accord’s bells and whistles, we invite you to visit our showroom. We’ll walk you through finding and financing the Accord of your dreams and get you comfortably in the driver’s seat.  

The 2018 Honda Fit and it’s Great Features

There’s a lot to know about the new 2018 Honda Fit. With great features inside and out, you may decide to visit our knowledgeable staff at your local TV Honda and see it for yourself. Continue reading to learn more about this car and what it has to offer. 

Safety First 

The first thing most drivers consider when purchasing a new car is its safety features. The Honda Fit has an overall five star safety rating according to the New Car Assessment Program by the Department of Transportation. The fit is available with a number of sensors that work to provide the information the car needs for its various warning systems. These include a lane assist and road departure mitigation system, both of which help keep you on the road. The forward collision warning system can help detect obstacles in the road ahead, and apply braking as needed to avoid a collision. 


The seating in the 2018 Honda Fit can vary depending on driver need. Keep all the seats in standard position in order to provide room for a number of passengers, or take advantage of the versatile folding configurations. The rear seat back can fold in two separate pieces as needed to allow room for various cargo, including a small ladder or bicycle when the front passenger seat is folded flat as well. Fold the back seat upward in order to fit taller cargo, or leave it place with the front passenger back folded down for a place to stretch out your legs. With a variety of combinations you can find a way to carry most cargo. 

With great features like the seat versatility and traffic warning systems, the 2018 Honda Fit may be your next vehicle of choice. Ride in comfort, safety and style to your next destination. Remember, if you have any questions just come visit us at the dealership, and our friendly staff will be happy to help.